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Business Leadership Program
Experienced leaders, whose subordinates are unit managers
2+ years leadership experience, leading managers with teams
2×3 days on-site and 2×3 months personal coaching and mentoring
Hungary, max. 1,5 drive from Budapest
Interactive workshop + individual coaching and mentoring sessions
6.500 EUR
Raise your profile (aspiration, values, passion, inspiration) Serve your people in building teams, people development, enhancing collaboration Drive your business (industry insight, customer orientation, strategic thinking)
Foundations of Management Program
Managers, who supervise groups of up to 15 direct workforce
1+ years managerial experience
2×2 days on-site and 2×2 months personal coaching and mentoring
Interactive workshop + individual coaching and mentoring sessions
3.500 EUR
People management (proper assessment, adequate motivating, conductive coaching, consistent evaluation, optimal allocation of tasks and responsibilities) Executional excellence (result orientation, setting priorities, specificity of mandate, identification of better practices, change enablers, continuous improvement)
Executive MBA
Talents with potential to grow to management level
5+ years working experience
19 months, 3 or 4 days/month (Fri-Sat-Sun or Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun)
Budapest and Maastricht
20.000 EUR
Essential knowledge of all functional areas, mastery of problem solving and team work, preparation for leadership role






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SEED Business Leadership Program has been a real eye opener for me in terms of how many leadership tools I can have in my toolkit and how to use them intentionally. It was a great realization how simple things can change the game and lead the organization to an enhanced performance.

Great venue with a comprehensive leadership principles overview, focusing strongly on a practical side of leadership. I really enjoyed the teamwork during the training and I can strongly recommend the program to those, who would like to move their leadership skills to upper level. One of the best workshops, which I have ever experienced.

I am absolutely thrilled with the program. You start from aspiration and values, continue with building the story around people and, at the end, you tackle with your final goal – how to drive the business. Mentoring and coaching techniques during the program are refreshing and using these techniques after the program suit you with the most useful tool – how to learn continuously and efficiently. For me this is the key takeaway.

One thing I loved about this course that we were able to meet people – both presenters and participants – who has a waste experience in their industries. I can mention the President of Vodafone, the CEO and founder of WizzAir. Furthermore, I was in the same working group with the Senior Vice President of MOL from whom I could learn a lot. I would recommend this course to any executive leader who is humble enough to open up and has the willingness to look inside and understand what his weaknesses and areas of development are.

SEED is one of the best things that happened to me during the last several years. It gave me new vision and the energy to try to become a better leader than currently I am.

SEED’s Business Leadership Program was a very good executive educational program for me. What I gained from SEED and what it means for me is how to set aspirational goals, and how to build a team to achieve these goals.