our story

SEED Executive School was founded based on our strong belief that world class business education is not the sole privilege of prestigious US and Western European institutions. Our region has an impressive track record in giving exceptional professionals to the world who in many cases made their careers elsewhere.

By providing Ivy League business education with a regional focus and integrating international best practices our aim was to offer an attractive alternative to the talented leaders and managers of the region, and to professionals coming from other parts of the world. Through keeping and attracting this intellectual capital, enabling them to build their careers and professional network locally, our main mission is to contribute to the development of regional competitiveness.

This is what led us and our committed founding partners, MOL and OTP Bank to start our first Business Leadership Program in 2014 with 18 participants. Since then we have grown massively in terms of participant numbers, corporate and regional outreach, and launching new programs.

Today, SEED Executive School has over 2000 participants and alumni, our program portfolio covers all layers of the organization from leaders to managers and talents, we are a trusted partner to more than 300 companies, and as a sign of growing regional outreach, over 30% of our participants are non-Hungarians.

Our vision is that SEED Executive School becomes the first choice for executives in the CEE Region and is listed among the best European business schools in a decade.

Seed in numbers

2000+ alumni members from 45 countries

300+ companies from 30 countries

22 faculty members from 12 countries