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MOL move digital solutions and the future of mobility

In this episode of the SEED Executive Insights – Podcast Series, Sandy Vaci (SEED Faculty Member) talked to Márton Homola, Group-level Head of Loyalty, Digital Channels and CRM at MOL Group.

Márton shared their incredible journey with MOL Group and MOL MOVE application based loyalty program, which received international success and just in 2 years have been rolled out in 6 different countries and reached more than 2.7 millions members to join the community.

Márton talked about the essence of MOL MOVE digital solutions, the best practices and latest methodologies of CRM and loyalty programs and also shared his perspective on the future of mobility, the opportunities of digitalized solutions, the innovative customer interactions and MOL Group’s role in all these emerging business fields.


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Márton Homola

Sandy Vaci