Travelling from Saudi Arabia to attend the Corvinus-MSM-SEED EMBA program

23 May 2024


Junaid Saiyed attends the Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA program, while living in Saudi Arabia. He commutes thousands of kilometres every month to attend the classes, balancing his studies, career and personal life. In a recent interview, published on the Corvinus Executive MBA Linkedin page, he shared his experiences regarding the program and his expectations for the future.


Junaid Saiyed commutes thousands of kilometres each month to participate in the weekend sessions of the Corvinus-MSM-SEED EMBA program. Reflecting on the past academic year, he believes that the substantial investment of time and energy has been paying off. The businessman shared his journey from Saudi Arabia to the Corvinus-MSM-SEED EMBA program and detailed how the program has significantly enhanced his skills.

Junaid Saiyed has dedicated 16 years to a leading building materials company in the Middle East, where he currently holds the position of Sales and Operations Manager. Seeking to enhance his business expertise, he enrolled in the EMBA Program. Born in India and residing in Saudi Arabia with his family since 2008, Junaid endures a significant commute to Hungary. With the dual responsibilities of managing both his full-time job and a family with two young children, he travels thousands of kilometres monthly to attend his EMBA classes. Despite these hurdles, Junaid believes the effort has been completely justified. When queried about how he came across the Corvinus-MSM-SEED EMBA program from Saudi Arabia, it is evident that his decision was based on careful consideration, not mere chance.

“Look, I’m a businessman,” he says with a laugh. “I conducted thorough research and analysis to identify the EMBA program in the region with the best return on investment and effort. The Corvinus University program not only offered the best value for money but also made the most lasting impression during my trip across Central Europe,” he explains. Determined to pursue a European EMBA, Junaid assessed programs in Vienna, Warsaw, and Prague. Ultimately, he decided on Budapest and Corvinus for his advanced studies.

When selecting EMBA programs in Central Europe, he placed a high priority on those offered in small group settings rather than larger classes. He looked for a program that fostered the formation of collaborative teams among participants, thereby enriching the educational experience. “The diverse backgrounds and managerial experiences of fellow participants are as integral to the learning process as the instruction from professors. Additionally, the historical reputation and prestige of the university are significant,” he explained.

When asked which skills the Corvinus-MSM-SEED EMBA program has most enhanced, Junaid finds it challenging to single out one, as the first academic year has profoundly transformed his entire approach and leadership perspective. “The training made me realize that effective leadership requires attentive listening. Previously, as a manager, I seldom valued the input of others before making decisions. Now, my perspective has shifted, and I recognize the significance of teamwork much more,” he reflects.

Junaid believes that collaborating with his peers on case studies was the most beneficial aspect of his learning, as these exercises covers nearly all elements of business management and allowed immediate practical application of theoretical knowledge, thereby solidifying new concepts.

“Coming from the Arab business world, another significant advantage of this program was gaining a comprehensive understanding of the European economy and financial markets,” Junaid notes. He shared that he has kept himself open to the possibility of relocating to Europe with his family, if there is a serious opportunity in pursuing a senior management position in the region.

Junaid with a smile, shared “In the past academic year, I devoted all my free time and energy to balancing work, family, and my studies, alongside managing the frequent flights between Budapest and Jeddah.” He continued, “During our initial meeting, the professors made it clear that the expectations would be high and the pace intense. However, they assured us that this rigor of the program would adequately prepare us well for senior corporate positions ” With confidently he concluded “Despite the significant personal sacrifices these executive studies, demands, I am assured that completing the Corvinus-MSM-SEED EMBA will be immensely rewarding.”

After earning his Executive MBA, Junaid plans to leverage his degree to pursue senior management roles with an initial focus on international business development. His ultimate ambition is to harness his strategic and leadership skills to establish his own business. Whether returning to India or seizing opportunities either in Europe or the Middle East, Junaid is confident that his extensive experience, combined with the advanced Executive MBA degree, will allow him to make significant contributions in the business world before eventually founding his own company.


The article originally appeared at the Linkedin page of the Corvinus University of Budapest Executive MBA Program as part of the Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA Alumni stories series supported by SEED Executive School.

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