SEED closes a very successful year in 2021

interview with András Kárpáty, Managing Director of SEED

17 December 2021


In this year of challenges, SEED closes a very successful year. A growing number of participants, an expanded and renewed program portfolio and an increased revenue are the cornerstones of the school’s success.

“SEED is looking ahead of 2022 with a clear vision, renewed programs and strong dedication to contribute to the success of the professionals and partners through our unique offering” – said András Kárpáty, Managing Director of SEED.

What were the milestones for SEED in 2021?

In 2021, SEED had over 200 participants coming from 80 companies, which represented a diverse group of people.

Regarding the changing circumstances, we were able to adapt and offer our Foundations of Management Programs and Business Leadership Programs in three different delivery:

  • At the beginning of the year, we had full online programs.
  • Than there was a short period when we were able to deliver our onsite programs.
  • But at the end of the year, we turned to offer hybrid programs and create full flexibility to our partners and participants.

Beside our flagship programs, we offered new specialized leadership programs and business workshops, which proved to be a great success. We also delivered tailored in-company programs to our partners with unique methodology and delivery.

In the Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA program we welcomed 35 professionals in the new cohort, who started their learning journey.

We had also two classes, who had their graduation this year: the students of the MSM-SEED Executive MBA Class of 2020 and the Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA Class of 2021 received their diplomas.

We also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Corvinus University of Budapest in March 2021, in order to enhance the professional collaboration among the two institutions in the further development of executive education and non-degree programs.

What are the new elements in the SEED program portfolio?
Who are the new members in the SEED team?

This year a lot has happened in terms of program innovation with the lead of Dr. László Eszes, SEED’s Faculty Director and the involvement of other Faculty Members.

We made significant steps to renew and redevelop and bring new angles to our Foundations of Management Program and Business Leadership Program.

We are both technically and methodology wise prepared to host hybrid programs. This is something we have to be really proud of. This creates unique flexibility to our partners and participants, who can decide if they want the program online or on-site.

At SEED, we design and support executive learning journeys. All of our programs and our portfolio was formed and based on that principle.

We will continue to develop our flagship programs, we strengthen our specialized leadership programs and tailored in-company programs and also introduce a new CEO Program.

  • This year we also have new people and new roles in our team: Dr. László Eszes joined us in June as the Faculty Director of SEED.
  • We introduced the Lead Faculty position in all of our programs.
  • We have a new Faculty Member, György Leitner and a new Executive Coach, Noémi Cselényi in our team.
How do you see the next year of the SEED?

In 2022 we will continue to grow and focusing on our strategic goals to provide world class business education for the talented leaders and managers and to be a recognized institution in the CEE region.

We are looking ahead with a clear vision, renewed programs and strong dedication to contribute to the success of the professionals and partners through our unique offering.

In terms of program delivery, we are prepared and maintain the full flexibility with our online, on-site and hybrid program formats, so participants can choose according to their preferences. We are future proof in that perspective.

Next year we will continue to develop and expand our program portfolio. As part of that, we are introducing a CEO Program targeting the leaders of small and medium-sized companies, we will continue to offer the specialized leadership programs and provide unique value to our Executive MBA program as well.

The tailored in-company programs are also essential in our program portfolio, this a growing area that we will focus on.

In 2022 we are also expanding our Faculty with new members of more diverse, more international background.