Marianna sárvári is our new Faculty Member

18 March 2024


We are glad to announce that Marianna Sárvári, MBA, PMP, joins our Faculty at SEED Executive School.

Marianna is a distinguished figure in the field of project management, with a remarkable career spanning over three decades, primarily in the realms of finance, IT, and professional services across Europe. Her journey has taken her through leadership roles at prestigious firms such as Deloitte Central Europe, T-Systems, and Raiffeisen Bank, where she spearheaded significant projects including the implementation of complex IT systems and organizational transformations that have left a lasting impact on the companies and their employees.

With an MBA from the University of Manchester and a rich background in economics, Marianna has demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication in both project execution and strategic leadership of departments. Her international recognition includes receiving the IPMA “Project Manager of the Year” award in 2022, a testament to her prowess in project management and organizational leadership.

Marianna’s expertise goes beyond project management; she is deeply passionate about innovation, strategic adaptation of businesses to evolving markets, and nurturing leadership skills. Her work has bridged strategic vision with operational excellence, making substantial contributions to the sectors she has worked in.

“As we navigate through these challenging and rapidly changing times, the importance of strategic leadership and innovative project management has never been more critical.

Joining SEED offers a unique platform to share my knowledge, experiences, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I am particularly excited about contributing to the development of the next generation of leaders and professionals, empowering them to excel in their respective fields through innovative thinking and strategic foresight.”

– Marianna stated.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Marianna to our faculty. Her wealth of experience in leading both projects and organizations, coupled with her innovative approach to project management and leadership, will greatly enrich our curriculum and inspire our participants.

Welcome aboard, Marianna!