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About the Session

Finance for Non-Finance: Are you ready to eliminate the mysteries around finance?

We will delve into the functions and activities of finance to provide you with a better understanding of what happens when you interact with finance. We will employ our well-known SEED practical, ‘DO-HOW focused’ approach for this.

Are you often faced with:

  • providing data for reports and analytics without understanding the reasons?
  • receiving targets and expectations that you consider either unclear or impossible to meet?
  • reviewing booklets of financial plans/reports that are said to be your bible for managing your business?
  • dealing with KPI sets that are considered your best measures of performance?

If you want to read the numbers, understand the drivers, and be confident in making the right decisions, this program is designed for you. Join us on 23 February 2024 between 10:00 – 11:00 for the online information session.