Leading change – WEBINAR

date: 16:00 – 16:45, on 18 April 2024

About the WEBINAR

Leading Change: Are you ready for the incoming change and opportunities?

Leading through continuous change and uncertainty is probably the biggest challenge of leaders today. The objective of the program is to prepare mid to senior level leaders for this challenge with a SEED’s practical, “DO-HOW focused” approach. We will address the 3 key aspects of change leadership: 

  • ATTITUDE: How do you relate to change as a leader? Do you want change or do you wan to change yourself as well?
  • PROCESS: To lead change effectively, you must run a continuous process  and toolbox for monitoring the BIG PICTURE, setting your ASPIRATION and STRATEGY and leading EXECUTION.
  • SKILLS: We help you  improve on the most important skills  you must master as a change leader, including strategic thinking, inspiring communication, adaptive decision making and listening to the voice of the organization.

In our Leading Change Program, we don’t just showcase best practices and leaders’ experiences; we also provide hands-on guidance and equip you with tools to implement and lead transformation within your organization.

If the above program has sparked your interest, join us on 18 April 2024 between 16:00 – 16:45 and gain a sneak preview into the topic of the program!