Leading and Managing Across Cultures
– webinar

About the webinar

Leading and Managing Across Cultures: Hands-on guide to global best practices and their re-applications in your business.

Do you know…

  • How to sell your ideas to your foreign boss?
  • How to build an efficient team with people from 15 different countries?
  • How people from other cultures see you and why this is important?
  • What the ”cross-cultural hygiene factors” are and how to use them in selecting, motivating, leading your people?
  • How you should switch between high-context and low-context communication to fit your audience?
  • How you need to handle daily cultural conflicts in today’s interconnected ”global village”?

In today’s increasingly international, cross border, cross cultural work environment having the answers to the above may make the difference between successful leaders and ”management drop-out”s.

In our Leading and Managing Across Cultures Program, we will not only show you the best existing models for inter-cultural communication and people management, but we will also practice how you can use them in real-life.

Join our free webinar on 26 March 2024 between 16:00 – 17:00 and get a sneak preview into the topic of the program!