Even for top leaders, there’s always something new to show

02 March 2023


Recent article by econonomic newspaper highlights the latest leadership challenges, SEED’s “do-how” philosophy and modern leadership development approach.

In March, SEED offers its programs in Hungarian for the first time to support executives in tackling the new challenges and creating growth in their companies.

Being a leader is not easy these days

There are significant transformations occurring in leadership challenges in Hungary and Europe, including changes in corporate organization, talent acquisition, development and retention, and the breakthrough of digitalization, which have been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a huge resignation wave. There is an increasing importance of balancing physical and mental health and work-life balance, and the need for leaders to adapt to these complex changes and respond to technological advancements to avoid being at a competitive disadvantage.

Three pillars to create stability

According to the SEED model, there are three pillars to successful leadership: self-awareness, the ability to lead and develop people, and effective business operations. Self-awareness involves understanding oneself as a person and a leader and how to respond to different situations. The second pillar is the ability to lead and develop people, which includes building a cohesive team, motivating individuals, and providing opportunities for growth and development. Finally, effective business operations require transformation and growth, including developing business models, exploiting growth opportunities, and creating performance management systems.

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