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This year, we had our second SEED Connect – Conversations on Modern Leadership event on 2 June 2023!

About the event

Together with the invited speakers as well as CEOs and C-level executive guests, we discussed the topic of Strategic Leadership in Turbulent Times and were looking for the best practices in strategy formulation, implementation in today’s fast paced world.

The event also served as a great forum to talk about key challenges of strategy making and execution, including complex regulations, changing customer needs, shortage of talent, the role of leadership teams, the risks and benefits of AI.

Our key speakers on this event were:

  • Krisztian Kurtisz – Chief Retail & Digital Officer, UNIQA International
  • Thomas Narbeshuber – CEO, BASF South Eastern Europe
  • Gabriella Vidus – CEO, RTL Hungary
  • Guntram Würzberg – Chairman and CEO, E.ON Hungária Group

The event was moderated by dr. László Eszes, SEED Academic Director.

Hereby we share the key insights from the event:

  • Krisztián Kurtisz (UNIQA International) talked about the importance of a strong vision and a continous analysis of trends, that like in sailing or surfing could lead to a desired direction, even if the strategies need to be adapted in the meantime. Regarding AI, “it’s to late to be pessimistic” – companies and leaders need to find the right tools and the moral balance in the usage of it.
  • Thomas Narbeshuber (BASF SEE) highlighted the challenges in long-term strategy making and long-term investments that large companies are facing with. “Living the strategy” is crucial (even if it is a global or a local one). Companies with clear and attractive purpose could win the war for talents. AI could be helpful in analysis and forecasting, but it has no place in strategic decision making.

  • Gabriella Vidus (RTL Hungary) shared that it is essential to have a focused, bonded management team, which create a different speed and effectiveness in strategic and business operation. Companies need to follow the local habits and changing customer needs to remain competitive. AI brings up complex challenges in the media and creative industry too, but it can be useful in tackling issues like fake news and could contribute to the efficient production of credible news, content and local productions.

  • Guntram Würzberg (E.ON Hungária Group) emphasized that the era of high-level, consultancy driven strategies is over, companies need more focused, simplified strategies and adaptive mindset. The strategy explanation is more important than ever, leadership teams and top executives need to spend more time and attention to deliver and repeat the right messages to the organization. Leaders and companies have huge responsibilites in using AI, especially when growth and digitalization tendencies further increase the role of advanced technologies.

Thank you for your active participation and the valuable insights and experiences that you shared with all of us!

We hope to see you on our next event!
The SEED Team