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This year, we had our fifth SEED Connect – Conversations on Modern Leadership event on 6 October 2023!

About the event

Last week we held our fifth SEED Connect event titled ‘Leading Transformation and Agility‘ with invited CEOs and C-level executives as speakers and guests to discuss the challenges and best practices in making an organisation resilient in today’s fast paced world.

External global and local challenges, employees’ and customers’ loyalty and satisfaction, the role of leadership, the risks and benefits of an agile organisation and technological development were in the focus of the discussions.

Our key speakers  were:

The event was moderated by  dr. László Eszes, SEED Academic Director.

Hereby we share the key insights from the event:

  • Tibor Rékasi (Magyar Telekom) highlighted the importance of making the organization resilient against global changes. Magyar Telekom introduced the agile organizational structure earlier, and the improvement in employee satisfaction is already showing. He pointed out that it is not enough to go through the agile transformation, it is also important to keep an eye on what is happening to the different parts of the organisation afterwards and to allocate resources accordingly.
  • Péter Csányi (OTP Bank) shared his views on agile operational structures, as well as their own experience regarding agile transformations. He told us how the OTP Group introduced the agile operational structure at different countries at different times, and also shared that the employee satisfaction is higher in places where the agile transformation has already happened.

  • Mária Pálinkás (BCG) told us about the different challenges that effect the banking sector at the moment, and the importance of making the organizations resilient and agile. She also shared the success story of one of her clients’ agile transformation and highlighted that such transformations can only be successful and sustainable if the company is willing to dedicate the necessary time and energy for the project.

  • András Svébis (MOL Group) shared that agile transformation was only introduced in some parts of their organisation. He explained that while it has many benefits, but it also causes tension. He also told us about MOL Group’s latest success story, establishing their latest subsidiary, MOHU in an agile way. András warned the audience, that agile transformation is not a solution for everything, and it’s not an easy way out of hard work: time and energy must be invested, just in a different way.

Thank you for your active participation and the valuable insights and experiences that you shared with all of us!

We hope to see you on our next event!
The SEED Team