SustainABLE Leadership Survey 2020 | Discussing the results and further ideas

Based on our research including the questionnaire and inquiries of Hungarian sustainability experts we realised that sustainability is often talked about even in a corporate setting, but usually the discussion remains on a very high level.

The goal behind our work and The SustainABLE Leader program is to connect high-level goals and actions with the everyday reality of middle management and of entrepreneurs and lead to realizations that practical solutions are within reach.

— article by Tamás Bernáth (SEED Faculty Member) and Beáta Barkóczi (SEED Executive Coach)

In a world where you can hardly leave a shopping mall toilet without being asked for immediate feedback, we were really happy that you, our SEED alumni, did take the time in December and answered our questionnaire about sustainability with gusto.

To be exact, we have received close to 100 answers about how the company you work for and the area you control in that company performs in terms of sustainability.

  • It may not come as a surprise that 86% thought that their company has a major impact on the environment.
  • We would not have bet the house on the next one, though: you also believe that the area you control in the company has a major impact on the environment (66%).

Irony aside, this really means that generally speaking, for you, environmental impact is not something that „other parts of the company do”. Great to hear that. 

At SEED, we keep telling you that having goals is the first step towards success.

Well, the survey resonates to that.

When asked, „Does the company that you work for have a clear sustainability goalset?”, 65% of you answered, essentially, no or not really. (Answers 3-7 on a scale of 7 with 7 as worst – though no one gave 7.)

In lockstep, the question „Do you believe your company could improve its sustainability performance?” also showed 65% of respondents convinced that it could.

So maybe the goalsets should be clearer.
Or maybe you should simply do more to reach those goals.
Or you simply need more ideas and input on how to do it.

Well, we at SEED are working on exactly that: a new course to give you ideas, input and tools to be SustainABLE Leaders.

Thank you for your answers – and stay tuned.