Business Leadership Program

For experienced leaders whose subordinates are managers, thus they typically have two layers or more below them.

Foundations of Management Program

For ambitious managers who are already supervisors of smaller teams that are typically one layer.

Corvinus-MSM-SEED Executive MBA Program

Exclusive program format, focusing on transition to general management level.

SEED Online Management Program

Unique, live online program with C-level executives, mentors and coaches, focusing on people management and executional excellence.

SEED Online Leadership Program

Exclusive journey of leadership development with executive faculty and coaches guiding through how to raise profile, serve people, drive business.

SEED Online Business Workshops

Immersive, live online learning experience for managers and leaders featuring cutting-edge topics with immediate business applications.

SEED Online Senior Executive Programs

Exclusive courses for senior executives offering new practical tools and a unique opportunity to discuss, share ideas and challenges with expert faculty and peers.

Tailored Corporate Programs

We work closely with our partners in developing specific company tailored modules and workshops.


Invaluable knowledge and experience from our Faculty with practicable insights, tools and advices in an interactive format.