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Measure What Matters

10 August 2023


Measure What Matters

Portfolio Publishing, April 2018  •  John Doerr

Review and personal recommendation by
Eszter Avar (SEED Faculty Member)

For many years I have been very cynical about the practice of regular goal-setting for employees. I had seen too many companies where people worked half-heartedly to reach objectives they didn’t even believe in, just to earn their yearly bonus.

However, in his excellent book John Doerr gave me a fresh perspective on the topic of setting goals and measuring performance. Using many practical examples and best practices this book showed me and how OKR (Objectives and Key Results) can become a true source of motivation for people working in an organisation.

In fact I am so inspired that I have already set my personal OKR for the next quarter. 🙂

About the author

John Doerr is an engineer, acclaimed venture capitalist, and the chairman of Kleiner Perkins.

For 37 years, John has served entrepreneurs with ingenuity and optimism, helping them build disruptive companies and bold teams. In 2018, he authored Measure What Matters, a handbook for setting and achieving audacious goals. Through his book and platform,, he shares valuable lessons from some of the most fearless innovators of our time.

John was an original investor and board member at Google and Amazon, helping to create more than half a million jobs and the world’s second and third most valuable companies. He’s passionate about encouraging leaders to reimagine the future, from transforming healthcare to advancing applications of machine learning. Outside of Kleiner Perkins, John works with social entrepreneurs for change in public education, the climate crisis, and global poverty.