myCEOjourney ™

The 360° program for high-impact CEOs

The myCEOjourney ™ is a unique blended, down-to-earth development of top-level leaders.

In this exclusive, joint journey participants will be guided by experienced CEOs through each critical focus areas of today’s successful top-level leaders from better knowing themselves, through transformational mindset till operational know-how.

Throughout the journey, the learnings and practices can be immediately transferred into the day-to-day running of the own company.

Your full-scale journey to become a transformational leader

Unique, blended

8-months intensive journey
17 days of mixed
on-site and online blocks.

360° leadership development

A comprehensive approach of leadership through better self-knowledge, mindfulness and operational know-how.

Mentoring by
C-level executives

1:1 mentoring and
multi-skilled coaching support
during the 8-month journey.

Address your own CEO challenge

Find your aspiration, turn your knowledge into actions through individual and group exercises, and mentoring.

Discover the program

Be equiped to become a ‘black belt leader’ through better self-knowledge and the development of the latest leadership skills

Define the components of sustained high performance, identify the factors that hinder it, and create a plan to address them

Boost your leadership skills to the next level, lead your organization towards sustainable success by mapping the external and internal stakeholders of your company and develop a strategy and tactical plan to deal with them

Learn and practice how to communicate effectively with your essential stakeholders, the owners, the board, the media and how to mobilize your teams through inspirational speech

Build a future-proof company, make digital transformation a competitive advantage, create an unbeatable post-Covid culture by rebuilding and motivating your team

Prepare your business for strategic growth by using specific company valuation, company transaction and project management knowledge and ensure your operation through controlled financials

Participant profile

The program invites

      • CEOs,
      • their potential successors,
      • country managers and
      • business owners

with already a solid management experience for a full-scale journey to become a transformational leader.

A comprehensive approach of leadership

  • Managing Self

    Self awareness
    Personal business model

    Leading under pressure
    Resilient organizations
    Great by choice – why CEOs fail, others prevail

    Mindfulness, health and balance

  • Leading the Organization

    Transformational leadership & CEO role

    Leading the organization:
    values & company culture
    creating vision & strategy
    how to mobilize, line up, engage the team

  • Managing Stakeholders

    Who are your stakeholders, mapping, who is CEO’s boss

    How to communicate with the board, investors/the stock-market

    How to communicate with media

    Inspirational speaking

    Internal communication

  • Managing Change

    Creating an effective business model and transformation of business

    Change management


    Digital Transformation

  • Managing Financials

    How to valuate businesses, funding the company, tax management, controlling business through financials

  • Managing Operations

    Governance and implementation

    High performance management

    Organisational behaviour

    Project management mindset

    Operational excellence

A 10-step joint journey

pre-work (surveys and discussion with the mentor)

finalizing actions with the mentor

on-site workshop

online workshop

  • Step 1

    Pre-work on CEO challenge
    + TriMetrix surveys + 360 survey


    Date: before 11 October 2022

  • Step 2

    CEO Challenge & Reflection, Self awareness, personal business model, transformational leadership & CEO role, mindfulness, resiliency

    3-day on-site workshop

    Dates: 11-13 October 2022

  • Step 3

    Leading the organization
    Strategic Innovation
    Health Camp

    3-day on-site workshop

    Dates: 15-17 November 2022

  • Step 4

    Strategic Innovation and Digital Transformation

  • Step 5

    Managing change: Creating an effective business model and transformation of business

    Step 4 + Step 5:
    3-day on-site workshop

    Dates: 13-15 December 2022

  • Step 6

    Managing your stakeholders – Part 1.

    1-day online workshop

    Date: 12 January 2023

  • Step 7

    Managing your stakeholders – Part 2.

    2-day on-site workshop

    Dates: 31 January – 1 February 2023

  • Step 8

    Managing financials: how to valuate businesses, funding the company, tax management, controlling business through financials

    2-day online workshop

    Dates: 15-16 February 2023

  • Step 9

    Managing operations: governance & implementation, high performance management, organizational behaviour, project management

    3-day on-site workshop

    Dates: 8-10 March 2023

  • Step 10

    Finalizing actions with mentors on CEO challenge

    Co-work with Mentor

    Date: W/C 13 April 2023
    (week commencing, following by the date)

Meet the mentors

György Leitner
(RMC Medical, Affidea Hungary, GlaxoSmithKline)

Program Director

One of the exclusive aspect of the myCEOjourney™ is that each participant will be supported on their own challenge by experienced CEOs, who have done it before.

It’s a unique opportunity for top-level leaders to accumulate all the knowledge and capabilities from different fields to make their company greater, faster and more efficient.

In this program we facilitate our participant’s growth and transformation by individual coaching support, group coaching discussions and ongoing mentoring from experienced CEOs.

The journey also contains a series of unique modules which are extremely important in the post-Covid era, such as better balance of our health and mind, stress management and rebuilding of our teams.

Krisztina Horváth
Cisco Hungary, Raiffeisen Bank)


Dates & Fees

Next start & Application

• Program start: 11 October 2022

  Pre-work before 11 October 2022 (the first on-site day)

• Application deadline: 3 October 2022


11.990 EUR 

The price includes all training days, teaching materials, venue, meals and coffee breaks, accommodation, all technical cost ensuring the on-site / online / hybrid delivery, surveys and evaluations, mentoring and coaching sessions and lifelong membership in SEED Alumni.

The price does not include VAT.