Faculty News | Judit Zolnay talked at the Telekom Agile Enterprise Summit

The agile transformation has been a huge challenge, but recently it’s one of the most popular approach not only by startups, but also by large companies.

At the Agile Enterprise Summit – held by Magyar Telekom on 9 June, 2021 – senior executives and experts of leading companies reflected on the current trend of the agile and shared their experiences in this topic.

The online conference consisted of 4 sections (Executive Action Team, Business Impact, Solution Demo, Enterprise Agile 2.0):

  • In the executive roundtable, Tibor Rékasi (CEO, Magyar Telekom), Péter Csányi (Deputy CEO, OTP), Zoltán Csiszár (CEO, Lufthansa), Bence Holló (CEO, NN) and the moderator Dániel Rónay (Partner, McKinsey) explained why they decided to change their operations.

Tibor Rékasi highlighted, that they are operating in agile for more than two years, so it was the right time to share experiences and solutions with large companies who also have chosen this path and with interested companies who are about to transform.

According to the executives, the introduction of the agile framework was an important step and a huge experiment, which is still going on, but the results are already visible. The transformation was motivated by the continuous changes in the market, the need to increase customer and employee satisfaction and the need to speed up organisational operations and increase efficiency.

They also emphasised the continuous improvement, the change of people’s mindset and the competitiveness, as the key factors for long-term success in the fierce competition.

  • At the end of the day, Dr. Judit Zolnay (CEO, Metlife and SEED Faculty member), Zsuzsanna Friedl (Chief People Officer, Magyar Telekom), Péter Balogh (CEO, Baconsult), Anton Kovach (founder, Shiwaforce) and the moderator Csaba Zoltán (TAL Consulting, enterprise agile coach) talked about the future of large enterprises and their next steps in becoming agile.

Dr. Judit Zolnay said, she sees an inspiring period before the leaders, because with supportive and situational leadership style – which could be developed during the pandemic crisis – the leaders could increase their effect in their corporations, could become the “next agile coaches” in their organization and could support and facilitate the change and growth even in a new way.

The participants added, that agile operations are boosting the ownership mentality in large companies and with the rise of  the project-based virtual teams and collaborations, the way we have thought about workplace loyalty and employee experience might be totally changed.

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