Faculty News | Judit Zolnay shares her view and experiences about women leadership

As part of the “Let’s make Women Leadership trendy” initiative by the Hungarian Association of Executives, InStyle magazine recently published a short interview and portrait video with Judit Zolnay, our Faculty member and CEO of Metlife in Hungary and Bulgaria.

Hereby, we share the full interview by InStyle magazine (translated to English).

If you would like to read the original article in Hungarian, please click here!

Have you had a role model, a person who you could follow or who inspired you throughout your life?

At the beginning of my career, Dr. Ilona Hardy was a defining inspiration for me; as the first managing director of the Budapest Stock Exchange, I was happy to identify with her unquestionable knowledge, elegant appearance and well-balanced personality, and her example set a professional direction for me to follow.

Later I met Katalin Ránky, who inspired me as a leader. As a real woman, a mother, she showed determination, business confidence and sympathetic boldness. I also try to learn from Borbála Czakó the calm personality, the brilliant network building skills and her diplomatic knowledge  in a good sense.

What do you think, which personal qualities do you owe to become a leader?

Hard-working, risk-taking and persevering; these qualities were undoubtedly necessary throughout my career.

Beside the dominant male leadership patterns in the financial sector, it helped me to create the impression of a kind, well-mannered woman at first sight, which coupled with determination and a willingness to fight, framed by a “how-yes-together” approach.

My flexibility and trust in people also help me while I work abroad.

What would you say to young girls / women who cherish leadership ambitions, what should they strengthen within themselves?

It’s not possible to be perfect in all our “roles” at the same time! It’s worth striving for dynamic balance and pair with deep self-knowledge.

You have to take risks and it’s worth to do so, and you have to be able to delegate in all areas of life.

If we decided that we also want to be productive in the professional life and have an impact and responsibility on others’ lives – which means to become a leader –, we must work a lot on our self-confidence, believing that we will solve this. Let’s not be cramped, let’s stay the same in every situation.

Let’s choose role models and accept that we learn leadership for the rest of our lives!

There is no magic without taking risks.

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(in Hungarian) by InStyle Magazine online.

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