Faculty News | György Beck is Member of the Board in the new Digital Tourism Association

In June 2021, the Digital Tourism Association (DTSZ) has been founded in Hungary with an unprecented level of cooperation across all sectors – with the participation of professional organisations representing different tourism sectors and the travel and event organisers, accommodation and catering providers.  

The association calls for cooperation between IT and ICT and the tourism and hospitality sectors, because the digital readiness of the Hungarian tourism is weak compared to other sectors.

In the post-pandemic era, this will be more necessary than ever, as the touristic values could no longer be presented to the world in the traditional way. The changing travel habits and the dominating online booking and payment systems also boost the future digital developments in the sector.

Our faculty member, György Beck as the president of The John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT) will contribute to the work of the Digital Tourism Association as the Member of the Board.

Check out the details in the articles by
Turizmus.com and Magyar Konyha online portals (in Hungarian).

Here is the full list of the Founders and Members of the Boards:


  • Dávid Rasztovits (Digitális Turizmus Zrt., founder and CEO)
  • Tamás Flesch (President of MSZÉSZ, owner of Continental Group, Managing Director)
  • Gábor Ganczer (MaReSz President, Hungexpo CEO, Accent Hotels Management Kft., co-owner)

Members of the Board:

  • Chairman: Dávid Rasztovits (Digitális Turizmus Zrt., founder and CEO)
  • Dr. György Beck (Vodafone, Honorary Chairman, President of the Neumann Society)
  • Judit Molnár (Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies, President, OTP Travel, Managing Director)
  • Gyula Berkes (Biarritz Restaurant, owner, Hungarian Hospitality Industry Association, Vice President)
  • Levente Czimbalmos (Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Modern Enterprises Programme, Secretary of the Digitalisation Colloquium of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Balázs Kovács (Head of the Vienna-based tourism consultancy GD Consulting, former head of the MTÜ’s representation in Austria)
  • Péter Müller (Special Effects International – Director of Possibilities)
  • Tamás Flesch (President of MSZÉSZ, Continental Group, Owner-CEO)
  • Gábor Ganczer (MaReSz President, Hungexpo CEO, Co-owner of Accent Hotels Management Kft.)
  • Zsolt Zsabka (Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, General Vice President)