Coach News | Dorka Nagy-Józsa interview and podcast

Our executive coach Dorka Nagy-Józsa talked about the myth of the career change in the interview with, the largest career portal in Hungary.

It’s worth to look at our career path as a place of our own personal development: as part of our personalities, as part of our everyday lives, rather than just as a separate path with full of huge, scary leaps.

– she said in the interview.

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Dorka also contributed to an article and talked in a podcast about the biggest HR challenges of 2020 with Zsuzsanna Friedl (Magyar Telekom, Chief People Officer) and Soma Demény, HR expert.

Click here to read the full article (in Hungarian) by economic portal.

Here you can listen the podcast on Spotify (in Hungarian) by Magenta Podcast (the bi-weekly podcast of Magyar Telekom about the digital world).