Coach News | Beáta Barkóczi and Dániel Somlai are in the ‘Top20 Coaches in Budapest in 2021’ list

We are delighted to share that two of our coaches, Beáta Barkóczi and Dániel Somlai were listed among the “Top 20 business coaches in Budapest in 2021” – according to Influence Digest online newspaper.

The Canadian-based online portal’s mission is to promote experts, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists to the global audience and they put extensive research on finding the top local talents and professionals in different areas.

In the Top20 business coaches in Budapest in 2021′ article,

Beáta has been praised for her unparalleled experience and her positive impact and commitment to creating more balanced and efficient work environments.

Dániel has been highlighted as a competent professional for clients who would like to understand and benefit from previous shortcomings and make the most out of the future.


Click here to read the full article (in English) by Influence Digest.

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Next Program with Dániel Somlai and Sandy Vaci

23 Sep | 30 Sep | 7 Oct 2021 – How to Maximize Your People’s Potential

It is in our veins to offer advice unsolicited or when someone approaches us with a dilemma. However this is often counterproductive.

In this course – led by Sandy Vaci (SEED Faculty) and Dániel Somlai (SEED Coach) – you will understand how to choose the right tool (mentoring vs. coaching), learn the most practical applications of these approaches and fit them to each individual circumstance.

You will learn how to lead discussions with your team members that best suits their development, how to develop new-joiners and even people outside your direct team. Finally, you will also learn how to build a valuable mentoring relationship with your senior mentor.

If you want to join this program, click here and register your place!

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