Béla Szabó our MBA Alumni ranked 1st by the Marketing & Média magazine’s top50 list in 2020

We are proud to share, that Béla Szabó our MBA Alumni has been ranked 1st by the Marketing & Média magazine’s top50 list in 2020, as the most successful marketing communication professional in Hungary.

Béla is the brand and consumer communications director at Magyar Telekom, a true brand advocat and evangelist, who is passionate about serving people and communities, enhancing positive social changes with value-driven brands and communication.

He is also an enthused Alumni of our Executive MBA Program and a dedicated person of self-learning and development throughout his entire life. That’s how he started his MBA journey by the age of 50.

He is always looking for greater connections, in social but also in business manner.

He isn’t a fan of self-serving communication. But as a good MBA student, he always has a comprehensive, business or strategy related question or vision at every internal event/workshops.

István Kutas, corporate communications director at Magyar Telekom added.

For more information, click here to read the full portrait about Béla Szabó (in Hungarian) by Marketing & Média online.